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Taegeuk Ee-Jang

Second: Joyfulness and Enthusiastic Energy

The Tae principle of Palgwe is embodied in the second Taegeuk form. This principle is symbolized by a lake--seemingly placid and serene on its surface, the lake teems and bubbles with life from within. The Tae principle reminds us that joy and enthusiasm live deep within us all and that our individual happiness is not dependent on external sources. At the same time, we must continually seek joy in the struggle of becoming and attempt to spread that joy to others. In essence, the Tae principle causes us to ask how we can sustain contentment in ourselves, and how we can facilitate others in their quest for self-fulfillment

Taegeuk 2 poomsae pattern diagram

Tae Principle

Trigram tae I-ching Tae Kwon Do

"Second: Meaning Joyfulness"

Artist's Statement:

This second poem takes quite a different form from my first in that it presents a series of images. I like to think of each image or moment in this poem as one ripple on the surface of an endless lake. Each ripple is evidence of something deeper, something bubbling up to the surface. Much like you can laugh at a memory or feel nostalgic for a time, the principle of this form demonstrates that joyfulness is always within us, even if it's not easy to see on the surface of things. As far as training goes (in martial arts or any kind of education) it's important to remember that even the most grueling tasks or difficult learning experiences are contributing to our happiness--even if it's hard to see that in the moment. 

More videos coming soon!

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