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Submission Guidelines and Contact Information

If you would like to submit your own multimodal compositions (Poomsae Poetry) to be featured on the Rhetorical Roundhouse website, Facebook page, and Youtube playlist, please submit the following via email to :

  1. A brief artist's statement (250 words max) describing the importance of the video, the meaning behind your work, how you believe to be embodying/performing one of the principles of Palgwe, or anything else you want the world to know about your work.

  2. A brief bio blurb (250 words max) about yourself, your martial arts background, and any contact information you'd like shared on the site.

  3. A title for your composition.

  4. A transcript of anything spoken in your video.

  5. A link to your video on Youtube.

  6. Name, email address, phone number, relevant social media information. 

Submit all information via email to

Please also be sure to like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram @rhetoricalroundhouse and Twitter @RhetoRoundhouse, and subscribe to the Youtube playlist. 

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