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Let's Get Limber!

Welcome back to Rhetorical Roundhouse, your home for martial arts studies, rhetoric, and all things Tae Kwon Do. Today I've got some new toys for you in the vein of resources for martial artists.

Do you want to kick air planes out of the sky? Find yourself hitting a wall when it comes to flexibility? Think you'll never be able to achieve full splits? WRONG! In the past year I've come across some really great stretches that help isolate muscle groups that many martial artists simply aren't taught to stretch. If I weren't so lazy and did this every day like I should, I'm sure I'd be full Gumby-mode by now. But, even if I can't serve as living proof for the value of these stretches, I hope you see their worth for yourself.

I won't babble on too much today but I will say that there are plenty more of these coming. Be sure to check back soon for more.

The bendiest of all Zen Masters

Without further ado, I give you the first seven parts of the new Rhetorical Roundhouse Stretch Series!

Thanks for stopping in :)


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