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Training at Home: Videos and Resources to Keep you in Shape and Motivated!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to the rhetorical roundhouse blog! Last week I shared some thoughts on what it means to tech remotely, both for college classrooms and martial arts instruction. Today, I wanted to share the MANY many videos and resources that martial artists and instructors have been putting together for the past week. These are just a selection from a few groups I follow on social media as well as a few basic recordings of workouts I've been doing. If you don't already. be sure to follow @rhetoricalroundhouse on Instagram as well as the Facebook group to stay in the loop so you can see these posts when I do. These are in no particular order and cover a lot of different skills so, have fun, do what you can, and try to make the best of staying at home.

Here's a few videos I made first:

The descriptions of these are all pretty detailed if you'd like to read them and try them yourself.

I also wanted to highlight the good work various martial arts schools are doing to help people train at home.

First up is Master Tommy from JPark Omega with some critical groundwork exercises for those of you interested in BJJ

Next we've got some videos from Pil Seung Tae Kwon Do. The first is for younger siblings stuck at home and the second is a side kick challenge for all of us! I can't wait to try it.

Also, thank you to Trinity Tae Kwon Do for sharing this video today for "tip Tuesday" on how to improve footwork.

Up next is for the black belts seeking a challenge. US Tae Kwon Do is here to help us all achive those 540 dreams with their tutorial.

I want to also happily announce that US Tae Kwon Do recently added new Poomsae tutorial videos to their website so you can practice the Taegeuk forms as well as the first three black belt forms. Check it out!

And, last but not least, I was challenged by a former instructor to make a silly (but very fun) video that I hope beyond hope will become a viral (excuse the pun) toilet paper meme. Everyone, I hereby throwdown the gauntlet for the #toiletpaperchallenge. Let's see those kicks! I added a sidekick to the original challenge...what will you add?

Film yourself completing the #toiletpaperchallenge and be sure to share it with me on Instagram.

That's about it for today. I'm proud to see so many talented martial artists take the extra time to help make sure people are staying fit at home--thank you to everyone who is putting the effort in to make a stressful time a bit more palatable.

Thanks as always for tuning in.


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