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Your Handbook is Here: Fight Injustice!

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Rhetorical Roundhouse blog. Last week I discussed the need to amplify black voices in our communities, especially those brilliant Hip-Hop scholars who have been speaking out against injustice since jump. As you know, since my first post after the death of George Floyd, I've been working hard on a more detailed resource for people (particularly in the Tampa Bay area) to use to promote safer protests, educate community members, and offer insights into how you can fight injustice multiple ways. I'm here today to say that this handbook is now freely available to you here! This would not be possible without the hard work of Kelcee Sykes and many other people in my department at USF who contributed various texts and resources.

Use this handbook in your neighborhood, in your teaching or place of employment, and adapt it for your own area. Much of the text in this handbook is in the "context" sections to help people better understand multiple elements of systemic racism. If you'd rather just get right to work, consult the "resources at a glance page" or the references list at the end of each section.

In future posts, I will likely reprint much of this handbook information in order to take a deep dive on subjects like the cash bail system, the militarization of police forces, or the disparity in school funding.

In writing this handbook, I learned a lot of things I didn't know before. One of the most important things I learned had to do with the emotional labor or "affective investment" involved in technical communication and design. Let's just say that by the end of it, I was in need of a mental health day or two. I became obsessed with the work and wasn't eating well or sleeping hardly at all.

The full thread I posted addresses the hard work all my colleagues are doing and the need for a break. The way I look at it is this: if we run too fast in the beginning and burnout before the finish line--what's the point? You have to take time to recharge so you can continue to offer your best work consistently.

Protest Dogs Help

That's part of the reason I decided to launch a new weekly VLOG series on YouTube! Good Black Friday combines two ideas: first, the "good Friday" bit allows us to take a moment and relax, to celebrate something good for once. Black Friday is our opportunity to support local, black-owned businesses. Each week, I try to give you some combination of both :)

The first video is WAY longer than I meant for it to be--partly because I'm still figuring out what I'm doing. But don't worry, this Friday's is nearly done and it's much more manageable. If you want to help support Rhetorical Roundhouse, please subscribe to the Youtube channel!

I'm keeping today's post short because I really want you to take a look at the handbook and check out Good Black Friday. One last thing I'll say is that this Friday, June 19th, I'll finally be defending my dissertation. If you are interested in attending that (will be held on Zoom) and have not already received the invitation, please email and I will get that to you.

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