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Taegeuk Sa-Jang

Fourth: Confidence and Courageous Energy

The Jin principle of Palgwe is embodied in the fourth Taegeuk form. This principle is symbolized by thunder and the fear it arouses. The Jin principle reminds us to face our fears and anxieties, both real and imagined, with self-confidence. No task or trial is insurmountable, and it is from our greatest fears and tests that we can truly grow and mature. This lesson does not encourage the martial artist to act foolishly, but, instead, to respond to fear in a healthy way. By trusting in our training, acting rationally, and finding the calm within ourselves, we can weather any storm. 

Taegeuk 4 poomsae pattern diagram

Jin Principle

Trigram jin I-ching Tae Kwon Do

"Fourth: Meaning Thunder"

In meditating on this form, I realized that I have very few fears in the physical world. Instead, most of my fears are imagined or created in my own mind. This poem explores some of the things I've feared for a long time (my dad's mortality, my own self-esteem issues, etc.) but it also interrogates some of my more immediate fears about love and relationships at the time. Ultimately, the poem equates these anxieties to a passing storm and asks what exactly was so terrifying. I'll admit that as a person and a martial artist, this lesson is still one I struggle with and will continue to revisit.

More videos coming soon!

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