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Taegeuk Pal-Jang

Eighth: Openness and Receptive Energy

The Gon principle of Palgwe is embodied in the eighth Taegeuk form. This principle is symbolized by Earth, the foil to the first principle of Palgwe. Taegeuk Pal-Jang represents pure Yin energy, total openness to the wisdom and creative forces of the universe. As the martial artist approaches this stage, they must reflect on the growth they have already exhibited in order to take stock of how they might further invite change into their lives. Leslie Marmon Silko reminds us that "things that do not grow or change are dead things" and this form encourages us to continually receive new life and cultivation.

Taegeuk 8 poomsae pattern diagram

Gon Principle 

Trigram gon I-ching Tae Kwon Do

"Eighth: Meaning Earth"

This poem is dedicated to my Dad because he was the one who always encouraged me to develop a solid foundation, one that could be cultivated and prepared to receive all the many lessons the universe has to offer. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't be a martial artist, I wouldn't have made any of these videos, and Rhetorical Roundhouse wouldn't exist! I'm thankful that he's prepared me to become the man I want to be, the teacher and martial artist I want to be. I hope that one day I can inspire others to cultivate their own desires and dreams the way he's so often helped me to do.

More videos coming soon!

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