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Taegeuk Chil-Jang

Seventh: Commitment and Decisive Energy

The Gan principle of Palgwe is embodied in the seventh Taegeuk form. This principle is symbolized by the mountain or "top stop." The mountain is unmovable, totally stable in its posture. However, the Gan principle does not ask us to be stubborn--instead, we must think carefully about our goals and act on them decisively. If it's appropriate to stand your ground, do so with the firmness of a mountain. But, if you must act, do so with the same resolution. 

Taegeuk 7 poomsae pattern diagram

Gan Principle

Trigram gan I-ching Tae Kwon Do

"Seventh: Meaning Mountain"

This poem is dedicated to my Mom because "even the smallest mountains are immovable." When reflecting on concepts like "commitment" and "decisiveness," I couldn't think of a more appropriate role model than her. I've watched her as she's worked day in and day out for my whole life to provide some level of security for our family. For the past few years she's become the primary caretaker for my Dad and Grandmother and she bears it all with strength and grace. I truly hope that one day I can be more like her and encourage that level of strength in my own students. 

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