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Taegeuk Yook-Jang

Sixth: Fluidity and Adaptable Energy

The Gam principle of Palgwe is embodied in the sixth Taegeuk form. This principle is symbolized by water, the ultimate representation of flexibility. Bruce Lee reminds us, as Lao Tzu did, of the eternal adaptability of water and how the enlightened master abandons the restrictions of "essence" or "self." To be truly free, we must be willing to bend and adopt new mindsets, to truly empathize and explore all possibilities. The Gam principle encourages us to question our very nature and never let anything stand in the way of our development.

Taegeuk 6 poomsae pattern diagram

Gam Principle

Trigram gam I-ching Tae Kwon Do

"Sixth: Meaning Water"

As I did in the third poem, I couldn't help but think astrologically when writing about the Gam principle. At the time, I was meditating a lot on a relationship that was very important to me, one that had just ended. This reflection led me to understand that some people are simply fundamentally different, like water and fire. But, the Gam principle teaches us to adapt, be flexible, and react while staying true to ourselves. For a long time, it was easy for me to adapt, to be mutable, but always at the expense of myself and who I wanted to be. This form reminds me to find balance between who I can be and who I want to be, and this poem helped me reconcile a difficult farewell. 

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