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The Road to a Kickass Diss.

Here's the thing--I'm a grad student. I'm also not a Master instructor in Tae Kwon Do. So, with that said, this blog and the Rhetorical Roundhouse project as a whole is a space for learning, fumbling exploration, and genuine knowledge construction. I'm no expert, and because of how many exciting things there are to learn about Rhetoric and Martial Arts, I never will be! And I LOVE that!

Me being a goofball with incomplete splits in Houston, TX

That said, this blog series will be devoted to sharing new ideas and milestones as I continue refining some of my research into more coherent sentences. Presently, I'm working on my Dissertation Prospectus. The dissertation I'm envisioning describes the eight principles of Palgwe as rhetorical topoi, ones that become embodied and performed through Poomse practice. To think through some of those ideas, I may post meandering discussions here. Of course, whenever I have exciting news, breakthroughs, breakdowns, publications, conference updates, and new ideas, I'll post those here too.

Thank you for being patient with me as I grow. Thank you for your help and support.

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