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Spencer Todd Bennington

Teaching and Training


Thank you for visiting my teaching portfolio! Below you can access my current CV, Teaching Philosophy, Statement of Diversity and Inclusion as well as some sample syllabi and teaching materials. I have also included some additional resources for both instructors in higher education as well as martial arts. 

I believe a fundamental component of being a good teacher is to never stop being a student. This means constantly seeking out new opportunities to grow, change, and improve. 


"Things which don't shift and grow are dead things" Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony

Professional Documents for Download

Lectures and Instructional Videos

Meet Dr. B! Welcome to ENC 3246 and ENC 3310 Fall 2020

This video served as an introduction for my online classes in the Fall of 2020. I'm still working  out the best way to include quality video lecture content in my online courses so check back soon for more professionally done instructional videos. For now though, I think this gives a pretty accurate portrayal of who I am as an educator.

Tiny Tiger Lecture Series

Ep 1: Martial Arts are Rhetorical Practices

Ep 2: Rhetorical Boxing

Ep 3: Sick Man of Asia

The Tiny Tiger Lecture series was my first foray into trying to communicate some of my research in Rhetoric and Martial Arts Studies to public audiences. I hope to return to this series soon with episodes about Martial Arts movies, Tae Kwon Do history, and embodiment in Ancient Greece.


Embodied Rhetorics Lectures

Want to know what it's like to be a fly on the wall in my class? Check out this snippet of a lecture I gave on embodied rhetorics in my class on Bodily Discourse Communities. The lecture is in three parts and features scenes where I engage in Mortal Kombat with my students... 

Training and Inspiration Playlist

Part of my identity as an educator is as a Tae Kwon Do instructor. In fact, a lot of what I've learned about teaching writing came from my experiences teaching martial arts. This playlist includes some training videos as well as the Pumsae Poetry series that started it all! Long time fans of Rhetorical Roundhouse will recognize some of these throwbacks. Newcomers will probably suggest I update these :P

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For more Tae Kwon Do Training resources, be sure to check out the Rhetorical Roundhouse Instagram page and Youtube Channel. I also try to post training tips on my blog so scroll down if you want to see some previous posts related more to Teaching and Training.

This video is just one of many "backyard tutorials" that I filmed during the beginning months of the COVID-19 Pandemic. More to come!


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