In 2008, I earned my first black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Still in high school and training in Danville, VA, this promotion to first Dan taught me an important lesson about power. You see, I started Tae Kwon Do at age fourteen to help manage my weight, lifestyle, and anger issues. Three years later, I had learned a lot about what it means to harness the power within yourself to accomplish goals. There was no obstacle strong enough to stand in my way--not even my own doubts or fears. To commemorate and celebrate this lesson, I broke my first concrete slab at my belt testing. The video is a little blurry (digital cameras weren't so sophisticated back then) but I wanted to include some footage from this very important moment at the start of my higher education journey. 

BA English, Averett University

lessons from averett sweet book 

Kukkiwon First Dan Certification

MA English, Radford University 

lessons from averett sweet book 

I tested for my 2nd Dan last week!